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Healing Arts

Energy Medicine
Created by the Directors of Awaken Yoga

Body Wisdom™ with Jennifer Langsdale:   75 min/$90

Access and integrate your innate wisdom through this psychological process of releasing your concerns to enhance your personal power and self-expression. Ask about our pricing for a full packaged session of all 7 chakras. Schedule a Session

Body Wisdom™ Apprenticeship Program: 
75 min/$75, 8-series package/$480
Work with the newest Body Wisdom™ practitioners that have been handpicked by its creator, Jennifer Langsdale! Schedule a Session

Restorative Energy Sessions with Lisa Fleming:   90 min/$90
A combination of Reiki, Chakra Balancing, crystal work, intuition and other modalities used to release "old" energy. You will receive written guidance taken during the session, and a renewed sense of Self! Schedule a Session

Reiki:   60 min/$75
Reiki is an Japanese healing technique that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. It is also effective in helping to relieve physical and emotional pain, stress, and exhaustion. Schedule a Session

Bodywork & Massage
Save $30 on a package of 3 massages

Relaxing Massage:   45 min/$60 | 60 min/$75 | 90 min/$100
Restore, release, and renew the body, mind and spirit with this full body massage. Schedule a Session

Thai Yoga Massage:   60 min/$75 | 90 min/$100

Awaken your vital energy with a flowing sequence of yoga-based stretches with rhythmic pressure along energy pathways. Experience this lying on a Thai Massage mat in this clothes-on session. Schedule a Session

Prenatal Thai Massage:   50 min/$65
Prenatal Massage relieves pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and promotes relaxation for the mother, in turn providing a calm environment for the baby. Schedule a Session

Heaven and Earth Massage:   45 min/$60
Both practical and indulgent, Heaven and Earth is a soothing head, scalp and neck massage, followed by pressure point massage of the feet. 45 min option only.
Schedule a Session

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Table Massage:
45 min/$60 | 60 min/$75 | 90 min/$100
Incorporates techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Massage to stimulate circulation and relieve knots and chronic muscle tension in deeper seated muscles and the fascia. Schedule a Session

Private Yoga Instruction

Awaken Yoga Customized Private Yoga Instruction:
60 min/$60 | 90 min/$75
Experience yoga instruction one-on-one to refine or deepen your practice, or to help you begin! Schedule a Session

Prenatal Yoga Sessions:   60 min/$60 | 90 min/$75
Prenatal Yoga
Nurture yourself through all stages of pregnancy with yoga that prepares you for labor and motherhood!
Schedule a Session

Health Coaching

Health Coaching with Cathy Picozzi:
75 min session/$75 | 30 Day Program Option/$225
Learn to transform your nutrition, health and approach to lifestyle and living!
Schedule a Session

Want to save $$ on your sessions?

Healing Arts are always discounted at Awaken Yoga:

Save 10% when you book any 3 treatments of your choice! Use Promo Code: "BOOK3"

*Appointments must be attended within 3 months of purchase


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Lisa Fleming

Jennifer Langsdale

Anne Ondrey

Jeanette Peters

Cathy Picozzi

Lindsay Rieder

Darlene Tarbet

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Restrictions & Cancellation Policies:

Thank you for taking the time to heal yourself at Awaken Yoga! All cancellations must be confirmed by phone to the studio, or with your practitioner within 24 hours of your session or you will be charged, lose the session on your package or have a negative account balance. Texted or emailed cancellations are not taken as proper cancellation notice, unless you are confirmed by 24 hours prior. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Please arrive to your session 5 to 15 minutes early. Do not eat 1 hour before your session. Dress appropriately, and please note that we are a no-tipping facility.

  • Appointment are by appointment only
  • No tipping please
  • Please book your sessions online or by calling our studio. We will be happy to build a package for you or make recommendations from our offerings. Studio members can enjoy healing arts sessions at 10% off.
  • We recommend you do not eat 1-2 hours prior to your sessions.
  • All treatments expire 3 months from date of purchase, no exceptions.
  • There are no refunds or rain checks for cancellations made after 24 hours. Please call or cancel your appointment from your account online, do not email the studio or you may risk being charged.

We appreciate your business!

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